A journey to married life

Marriage is a door which looks out upon a beautiful view. As that door is opened and the horizon unfolds before you, know that nothing is sweeter than the warmth of one hand within another. -- Collin McCarty

4:22 PM

Gaining Weight!

Posted by kcarballo

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much I have been eating these few days. Before I got pregnant I usually just eat 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now, I eat every 15 minutes. My mother is surprised by how much my diet has changed and so have I. Its like I could never get full, I just eat and eat. But since I'm eating for two then I'm perfectly O.K with it. I'm not worried about how much weight I'm going to gain as long as my baby is healthy. Another thing is once my baby learns how to walk, I know Im going to have to chase him around so I should loose a little bit of weight because of that. Right now, I guess I need to start putting limits on my food intake just to make sure Im still healthy. I guess this is one of the best part of being pregnant. Being able to eat EVERYTHING you see.

5:12 PM


Posted by kcarballo

Not to good of a day today for me, aside from backaches and fatigue my computer has a virus! I can't ever figure out how to rid of this virus, I tried scanning my computer using my antivirus kit but still no affect to it. It actually started yesterday when my brother downloaded CHEAT ENGINE on our computer and I heard it is supposed to be a backdoor for viruses. So there you go! I'm having to come to my cousins house in TN everyday to post a blog! Right now I'm getting my computer fixed and hopefully it will be ok in a day or two, but right now I guess ill have to bare with it.

7:08 PM

Would You Like Fries With That??

Posted by kcarballo

So...I think being pregnant definitely has it's perks, despite gaining a few extra pounds and having a huge belly. One of the perks of pregnancy is being able to make excuses when it comes to eating. I have realized that I can get away with eating tons of food just because I'm pregnant. What can I say???...I'm having to eat for two people instead of just one now. Cravings are perfectly normal during pregnancy. Some people may even have weird cravings. My aunt, for example, craved pickled eggs while she was pregnant with my younger cousin. I can't say that I've had any weird cravings, I basically just eat anything that's put in front of me. :) It's hard to resist the temptation to eat when the food is just given to you. I give thanks to my mother for supplying me with an endless supply of food. I only have a few more months to go before I give birth to my baby. I can't even imagine how much larger my stomach will be in a few more months. It doesn't really matter how big my stomach is as long as my baby is healthy. My goal in the next few months is to make sure I eat the proper foods and get plenty of exercise. I will try to resist eating a bunch of junk food such as chips, sweets, and especially Jack-in-the-Box curly fries. Wish me luck!!

4:52 PM


Posted by kcarballo

I do not have much to do today, its snowing outside and its pretty cold so Ive just been sitting here all day. Not too healthy considering im pregnant and really need to exercise. I was so used to getting up in the morning and walking up and down the beach with my husband but unfortunately I cant do that anymore. It makes a big difference now that I live in the mountains of North Carolina and I pretty much wake up everyday to see snow on my front yard instead of the warm beach. I guess Ill get used to it but I really miss home! It is difficult to be pregnant and not have your husband with you. No one to rub your belly or no one to hold on to at night. I have been really thinking about going back home but Im not too sure yet. Even though my mother is here with me I still get pretty lonely! I guess thats normal right?

2:02 PM

Half man half tree

Posted by kcarballo

My brother was surfing the net the other night and found this very interesting story about a man who is half tree and half man. Meet Dede, a 32 year old fisherman who lives in a remote village in Indonesia. Dede has a skin condition were he has root like structures coming out of his body and can get up to 5cm a year. This comes out of his hands and feet and he also has welts all over his body. To support his family, Dede actually joined the circus under "freak show" and was famously called "The Treeman". Dr. Anthony Gaspari travelled to Indonesia and tried to diagnose this extraordinary skin condition. Until now no news about the findings of his condition. If ever a cured was found to Dedes skin condition, it could dramatically change his whole life.

2:37 PM

A key to a good marriage

Posted by kcarballo

What makes a relationship work? In my opinion a good communication is what makes any type of relationship work. First of all, communication requires two skills, talking and listening. By talking, they are able to express their feelings whether it be a nice one or an angry one. Either way, it will help any couples to understand the feelings of one another. I know many couples that does not talk about their feelings or problems, they just tend to block it out and hope that it will go away in a day or two. For me, I could not live with that. Being a newlyweed, Ive began to understand how important it is to share my feelings with my husband. I dont care if it makes him angry I tell him how I feel anyway. It takes a big load off my shoulder when I am able to tell him what Im feeling. I know sometimes you just feel like you need to be alone, but what ever problems you may have with your husband or family member will not go away if you dont talk to them and confront them about it. When its their turn to have some kind of emotional problem then it is also helpful if you take the time to listen to them, no matter what it may be. This two way process can easily help any relationship grow and hopefully make any marriages last!

9:58 AM

Little Ninja

Posted by kcarballo

Ever felt like you have a little ninja living inside of you, punching you and kicking you? I do! But it is the best feeling in the world. As you all know I am 6 months pregnant and Im loving it. Aside from the pregnancy symptoms. My little ninja is totally such a gift from god, I enjoy all the punches and the kicks he gives me! When he kicks I just sit there and treasure the moment. I have never felt anything like it before, it makes me so happy to think that I have this life inside of me. If im this excited now, wait until he comes out to the world. I will be the happiest mommy ever!

6:25 PM

Exercises for pregnant women

Posted by kcarballo

We all know that it is best when we exercise a bit while we're pregnant. I did not do much exercising then but i feel it is necessary now that I am pregnant with my first child. I just wanted to do everything perfectly, i wanted to eat the right food and stay fit.

Here are a few cardiovascular exercises I am currently doing.

1.) Walking- one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. It keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles. When I was still in the Philippines, my husband would wake me up early in the morning and make me walk along the beach, of course he would walk with me. It keeps me alert everymorning and makes all my sores go away.

2.)Swimming- it is the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. It is ideal because it exercises both muscle groups such as arms and legs. I personaly love swimming. Since i live close to the ocean i practically swim everyday! Swimming helps you burn calories without doing much hardcore workouts.

3.)Dancing- try to avoid leaps, jumps and twirls. When i hear music i literally just start dancing no matter where Im at. So right now when im bored i usually just turn on the radio and start dancing. Its good for me and its good for my baby!

10:41 AM

Start a Business

Posted by kcarballo

What is business? Wikipedia describes business as a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. Who could do business? In my opinion i think anyone could do any types of small or big businessess as long as they can handle the pressure. I myself have a small business going on with my husband at the Philippines. Its a small business which consists of fishing boats which we generally call "Baling". This type of boat does not have to go far out into the ocean, it actually stays along the shore line of the beach. It has a long fishing net about 300-400 ft long with a long pocket net in the middle. It starts in the shoreline and goes out and makes a u- shape and back to the shoreline again. Then some hired workers will pull the net from shore until it gets to the pocket net where all the fishes will be. Sometimes we get 50-100 boxes per day, which cost about 1000 pesos per box or just depends on what kind of fish was cought...other times we get none! Its a risky business but we were more than willing to try.

9:45 AM

Far away from home

Posted by kcarballo

Its hard being away from the one you love but sometimes you have to make some sacrifices to better your life in the future. When i found out i was pregnant i was at the Philippines then but i made the decision to come to the U.S to deliver my baby. My mother is here with me to help me with my pregnancy. I miss my husband and its hard to think that he wont be around when our first child is born but we are both doing this for the future of our child. This way our child will automatically be an american citizen and he will be able to come back to the U.S without any complications.

I call my husband twice a week and we txt each other everday to let him know whats going with me. I guess we will have to bare with this but in the end we will be together again so thats all i have to think about.

7:47 AM


Posted by kcarballo

I could not believe my eyes when i saw those two red lines from the home pregnancy test i bought. It all started when my husband and I moved in together after we got married in this small appartment. I was still in school then and really was not planning on getting pregnant yet. My plans were to finish school, get a job and then start a family. But it all came as a surprise when i realized that my monthly period did not come. So I went out and bought me a home pregnancy test. While doing it I was actually pretty excited but still had that fear inside of me. If i was to get pregnant I would have to quit school! and i would have to tell my mother about it, who by the way was the one paying for my school tuition. Well as I had suspected it, I'm pregnant!! I dread telling my mom but when she found out, she was actually okay with it and was all excited to be a grandmother.

Right now I am 6 months pregnant and I am to be a mom. My husband and I are more than excited to meet out first child.