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2:02 PM

Half man half tree

Posted by kcarballo

My brother was surfing the net the other night and found this very interesting story about a man who is half tree and half man. Meet Dede, a 32 year old fisherman who lives in a remote village in Indonesia. Dede has a skin condition were he has root like structures coming out of his body and can get up to 5cm a year. This comes out of his hands and feet and he also has welts all over his body. To support his family, Dede actually joined the circus under "freak show" and was famously called "The Treeman". Dr. Anthony Gaspari travelled to Indonesia and tried to diagnose this extraordinary skin condition. Until now no news about the findings of his condition. If ever a cured was found to Dedes skin condition, it could dramatically change his whole life.


mommy jac said...

Hi! I think I saw this also in the news. I hope that they can found the cure and right medicines for this extraordinary skin condition.

happy weekend.

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