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6:25 PM

Exercises for pregnant women

Posted by kcarballo

We all know that it is best when we exercise a bit while we're pregnant. I did not do much exercising then but i feel it is necessary now that I am pregnant with my first child. I just wanted to do everything perfectly, i wanted to eat the right food and stay fit.

Here are a few cardiovascular exercises I am currently doing.

1.) Walking- one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. It keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles. When I was still in the Philippines, my husband would wake me up early in the morning and make me walk along the beach, of course he would walk with me. It keeps me alert everymorning and makes all my sores go away.

2.)Swimming- it is the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. It is ideal because it exercises both muscle groups such as arms and legs. I personaly love swimming. Since i live close to the ocean i practically swim everyday! Swimming helps you burn calories without doing much hardcore workouts.

3.)Dancing- try to avoid leaps, jumps and twirls. When i hear music i literally just start dancing no matter where Im at. So right now when im bored i usually just turn on the radio and start dancing. Its good for me and its good for my baby!


fidelity said...

im here today sis, hope your doin fine..ingat lagi


Bryan Carlton said...

Exercise for pregnant women is not only beneficial to yourself but as well as your baby. Exercise helps to replenish our oxygen supply and keep our blood flowing. This in turn bring more nutrient to your developing baby. So if you are not exercising, I highly recommend you start.

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