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10:41 AM

Start a Business

Posted by kcarballo

What is business? Wikipedia describes business as a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. Who could do business? In my opinion i think anyone could do any types of small or big businessess as long as they can handle the pressure. I myself have a small business going on with my husband at the Philippines. Its a small business which consists of fishing boats which we generally call "Baling". This type of boat does not have to go far out into the ocean, it actually stays along the shore line of the beach. It has a long fishing net about 300-400 ft long with a long pocket net in the middle. It starts in the shoreline and goes out and makes a u- shape and back to the shoreline again. Then some hired workers will pull the net from shore until it gets to the pocket net where all the fishes will be. Sometimes we get 50-100 boxes per day, which cost about 1000 pesos per box or just depends on what kind of fish was cought...other times we get none! Its a risky business but we were more than willing to try.


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